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Support in the workplace

It is estimated that one in four pregnancies will sadly end in loss. Organisations have a crucial role in supporting their staff throughout this difficult time – could yours be one of them?

“I just didn’t know what to do or say. We need to learn how to better support our employees when they experience baby loss”

With one in four pregnancies sadly ending in loss, every workplace will have an employee who goes through this incredibly devastating experience.

We believe that every organisation should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to best support someone following their loss, throughout their return to work and beyond. However, we know it can be hard to know what to say or do.

We are here to help you with this.

With more businesses offering paid leave to those employees who experience baby loss, it is clear that every organisation needs to become better informed about the impact on an individual and their partner. At The Loss Collective, we offer a range of bespoke services that can help you to become a leader in providing grief and trauma informed support to everyone in your organisation who is impacted by baby loss.


Almost a quarter of employees have considered reducing their hours or leaving their job because of their experience at work following their pregnancy loss.

CIPD Workplace support for employees experiencing pregnancy or baby loss: Survey Report. October 2022

our aims

Build awareness

Getting workplaces talking about loss and helping them identify the need for them to provide help to their employees.


Training managers about baby loss, the devastating impact it can have on their employee and how they can offer the best support.


Empowering managers with the skills and confidence to start and continue the baby loss conversation in the workplace.


Provide support throughout the whole organisation so that everyone has a space to work out what they need.

Training and consultation

Our training will build your understanding and confidence in supporting your colleague after their loss. Whether this is helping someone who is away from the workplace, returning after a period of leave, trying to conceive or navigating pregnancy after loss whilst working. Developed by experts in psychology and midwifery, you can be assured that you will receive high quality, evidence-based information that can be easily applied within your team.

With extensive experience in providing in-house training sessions to global organisations of all sizes, our clinicians can tailor sessions to meet your company’s specific needs.


Only one in four employers currently have adequate provision for pregnancy loss.

CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work. April 2022


Policy review

We want to help you become leaders in implementing best practice for supporting you employees following baby loss. Our team of experts can discuss and review current documents and practices and suggest changes and additions so that you are well placed to support everyone throughout your organisation.

With more and more workplaces taking the step to provide high quality wellbeing services to their employees, it is essential that pregnancy and baby loss is included in this.

Without appropriate support, bereaved parents will return to work, but are at significant risk of presenteeism.

Exploring the intangible economic costs of stillbirth. Ogwulu et al. 2015

Supporting with return to work

Returning to and navigating work following a loss can be a lonely and overwhelming time. Whether you are planning your return to the workplace, trying to conceive, pregnant or parenting after pregnancy and baby loss, how you are feeling matters. And we are here to help.

Our team can offer highly specialist advice and support, helping you to navigate any challenges as well as signposting to other services and resources where needed. The impact of pregnancy and baby loss can be far reaching. Therefore helping you to access the right information and support is paramount.