The Lost Collective

For Healthcare Professionals

Everyone working in a healthcare setting should be involved in the baby loss conversation.
We are here to support you with this

“I often worry about saying the wrong thing. I would love to feel more confident in better supporting my clients who have experienced baby loss”

As a healthcare professional, no matter what you do or where you work, you will at some point encounter someone who has lost a baby during pregnancy or beyond. We want to equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide informed and compassionate care, as well as helping you know where to signpost for further information.

We believe that every interaction can be an intervention.

Our bespoke training and consultation services can be adapted to meet your role and service’s specific needs.

our aims

Build awareness

We want all health care professionals to be thinking about baby loss.


By equipping everyone with the right knowledge and skills, we can make a huge difference to those who have lost a baby.


Everyone, no matter their role, can feel empowered to be part of the baby loss conversation.


To do this work, everyone needs ongoing support. We are here to help.


Developed and facilitated by expert clinicians in psychology and midwifery as well as those with lived experience of loss, our training consistently receives extremely positive feedback. Our training can help you and your team to better understand:
  • The different types of losses that occur and the types of care that may be offered
  • The physical and psychological impact of baby loss and the trajectory of this
  • Ways in which to talk about loss with your clients so that they feel heard and understood
  • The evidence base of what can help and where to access this
  • The impact of baby loss on the whole system
  • Navigating peer and online support communities and where to signpost your clients
The longer-term impact on trying to conceive, pregnancy and parenting after loss

Resources for your clients

Navigating the huge amount of information and support that is available for those who have lost a baby can be overwhelming. We have therefore compiled a directory of multiple sources of support for you and your clients to use. From charities to books, podcasts and support groups, we believe we have the most comprehensive library of resources on baby loss.

We have also compiled information pages on some of the frequently asked questions within the loss community. Written by expert clinicians in the field with direct input from those with lived experience  these pages reflect evidence-based and up to date information.

Supporting you

Holding space for those who are grieving can be incredibly challenging. Nothing you do or say can take away the painful reality of their loss. However, there is so much you can do to make their journey easier.

We feel strongly that you also need to feel supported in order to do this work safely. You need someone to hold space for you so that you have the capacity to do this work.

Our resources, training and ongoing supervision and consultation can help with this.